Is your computer slow? Here are some tips to optimize it for better performance

Over the time when a computer is used, it is bound to get into slow running troubles. This is because for all these years, we have been saving data that we might not be using it now, but it is eating the memory of our computers and making it slow. If you are also facing problems with the performance of your computer, try these tips to optimize it:

  • Uninstall all unwanted to applications and programs – Over a period of time, we keep saving our pictures, files or downloading applications on our computers. As a result, it takes up valuable disk space and system resources, thereby making the computer slow while booting. So, increase the performance of your PC, go to control panel and delete or uninstall all unwanted files, folders and applications from your computer. For removing junk files, go to add/remove programs and use the Disk clean-up utility to remove junk files. This will definitely boost the speed of your PC
  • Limit the start-up programs – It is one of the best ways to solve the slow booting issue with your computer. Many programs are designed to load during the start-up of your computer. By limiting the start-up programs, you can solve the slow performance issue with your computer. Use only those programs that you actually want to run at the start-up like anti-virus. Use “msconfig” in command prompt to eliminate the programs that you don’t want to load.
  • Use Defragmentation – Many people under estimate defragmentation as a possible solution for slow performance. But the truth is, it is quite a powerful tool to achieve the goal. Fragmentation makes the hard disk put more effort that can slow down the performance. Disk defragmentation would rearrange all the data on your disk and would work more efficiently.

  • Less use of Multi-windows – many people likes to open eight to ten applications at one time. However, your computer is not accustomed to handle these many applications simultaneously. As a result, your face slow running issues on your computer. If you are facing troubles toggling between screens and wondering why is it happening? Then it’s time to ask yourself, whether you actually need all these programs or applications running together. Close the application if you are not using it.
  • Registry Repair – This is by far the most common reason for slow computer performance. Registry errors like invalid application paths will make the computer follow the instructions slowly. It can even result in system freezing and worse, crashing. So, regularly run cleaner to maintain the performance of your PC.
  • Remove virus and spyware – Whether we like it or not, but computer virus and spywares keep downloading it in our computers and that too without notifying us. As a result, it bogs down the performance of your PC. Therefore, it is always suggested to have anti-virus and anti-spyware programs on your PC to protect them from downloading.

At the end, if you still feel the problem persist, contact remote support, or call our toll-free number.

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