How can you prevent automatically downloading updates and restarting in Windows 10?

If you are Windows 10 user, then you would have definitely experienced problems like your computer automatically download updates and restarts. Though getting your computer updated with new patches is good yet it can be annoying as well. Sometimes you are working on file and leave it unsaved, and when you comeback, you realise that the windows has restarted you would have to start fresh, it can get really frustrating.

Windows regularly launch their updates and if your computer is connected to Internet, software would get downloaded automatically. This is even made it unpopular amongst the users because kicks you out of your PC to force install the update even if you are in the middle of something.

Thankfully, with the new feature “Active hours” you can set the time now when you want your computer to restart. But still if you want to avoid it happening in future, its best to set your internet connection “metered”. In order to do this, follow these simple steps: –

  1. Click on the windows icon on the left-hand side bottom of the screen and click on settings. If you are using Cortana, then you can even type in the search box to get to the settings window.
  2. Now click on “network and internet”
  3. On the Network and internet screen you would see the name of your Wi-Fi connection that you are connected with. Click on it.
  4. You would be directed to a new window. If you scroll down, you would see an option of “Metered connection” and it is default set at “Off”. Turn it on
  5. Exit out of the window

This will surely stop your computer downloading automatic updates on your system. But it would also keep it away from installing it. Updates are launched so that you can use the new features on your computer. But if you are not a regular computer user or just use it to check emails or watch movies, then this might help you. Now let’s learn how to prevent your computer from restarting after downloading updates by setting active hours on your system. Follow the steps mention below to use it: –

  1. Open the settings window again and select “update and security”
  2. Scroll down and you would see “change active hours” under update settings
  3. You would be directed to a new window where you can set the time of restarts as per your schedule
  4. The time span you choose, windows won’t restart during those hours and even outside those hours, it would take your permission to see if you are using your computer and warn you to approaching shut down.
  5. Exit the window.

You can now use your computer freely, without worrying too much about the updates and restarting. If you are using a pro-version of Windows 10, you can even defer updates. This means that the security patches are still downloaded while the system updates are held back.

If you are not too comfortable fixing the problem yourself, contact remote support or call our toll-free number.


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