What Do You Need To Know About Installing Windows From USB And Finding The Product Key?

Losing windows DVD file is one of the common errors that happen to every third among you. But now you have an option where you can set up the windows with proper certification without irking your mind.

Let us get started with this tech support article that will get you guided.

How to install windows from USB?

  • At times, it becomes necessary to reformat the hard drive and for such situations, just make sure that you stock up the essential videos, documents, photos and music as a backup.
  • Once done, simply switch off your computer and input the USB flash drive. Now put on the power and let it boot. In the case, if it fails to boot, just make sure to get hold of the BIOS and rearrange the booting order.
  • As your computer starts booting from the USB drive, you will get a possibility of choosing a desired language. When you are in the process, just confirm that you pick the proper settings.
  • Once you are in the course, do not forget to follow the onscreen notifications. This is indeed helpful for re-installation. Simultaneously, it keeps your laptop away from the loop of the virus. As a result, it consumes less space in the disk and enhances the performance of your computer.

Finding the product key: An easy guide

Whether you are a first time user or you just simply want to re-set the windows file, you literally need to have the license number of the windows; else, you would need to get the exact name or the product key in regards to Windows.

Now without any confusion, you will get this number either documented or printed. But those who are unable to get hold on any one of these two can derive the product key with the help of the magical jelly bean key finder which is a free service that you can obtain from your own computer only. But at the same time, you need to remember that while deriving the keys from a computer makes sure that it is already working and have the exact copy of the windows format you want to get it.

Apart from that there are some other utility keys such as Belarc advisor, SterJo Keyfinder, and recover keys. In this context, you should just note that the latter version is actually a paid one, but for your convenience, you can use a discount coupon to get twenty percent off.

Be mindful to this caution that there are laptops or desktops from brands like HP and Dell. They have OEM stickers printed which is not relatable to the windows versions. For these brands simply download from Microsoft, if you fail to get the product key just get into contact with Microsoft support or log into their website.

Point to be noted:

If you fail to fix the issue yourself, just do not hesitate, and call the remote support or contact the toll free number given. You will get the desired help for sure.


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