What Are Steps To Be Followed While Diagnose The Computer Issues?

After prolonged usage, your computer often gets exhausted and as a result it takes longer duration to respond. Well, according to expert verses this is caused due to a performance failure.

Therefore, to fix the issue you need to find an answer to how to diagnose a computer problem?

  • Clean up hard disk:

The first thing that you should do is clean up the hard disk, and wipe off all the unimportant files. Thereafter follow the next steps like primarily delete the temporary files, then you need to remove all the applications that are no longer valid to you. After that you should make changes to the file locations, shift to different places as back up. Eventually, just rout out the recycle bin.


  • Defragmentation process:

Once you are done with freshening the hard disk, just step ahead to the de-fragmentation process. In order to do so, just click the start button, write the word defragment in the search box. As you finish typing, just chose the particular drive, especially C drive works congenial for the process. After that you should click the word optimized.

  • Devices to unplug:

Once you decide to fix the computer problem, just make sure that you should unplug all the devices, like media card readers, scanners, printers, digital cameras, recorders, USB storage device, CDs and DVDs, small media cradles, etc.


  • Function the computer diagnose :

Trying this option might turn quite useful for you. To re-fix the computer problem just do make sure to run the Dell pre boot system Assessment. To process the diagnostics, just work on the Dell knowledge base article. You will come across two specifications one is run the Dell PC diagnostics, and function the in-built diagnostic.

  • Take a look at the air vents;

This is a virtual step you should clean the air vents regularly so that no dust piles off on the vents and blocks the air flow.

  • Take a look at the safe mode option:

You need to be aware of the functioning of the safe mode, which literally helps to kick off software which are the culprits behind slow performance.

  • Escalate virtual memory space:

You need to enhance the virtual memory space, which is quite crucial in enhancing the free space in the hard disk as well.

Well, if you want to settle the problem, then contact the remote support and call the toll free number for further clarification.


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