Change display resolution on your windows 10 with these simple steps

If you are using Windows 7 or Windows 8, then changing resolution of your screen is an easy process. All you need to do is right click on your computer screen and there you are, you get options to switch to different resolutions. But if you are a windows 10 user, then you would have to follow few steps to achieve your goal.

By changing the resolution of your screen, you can manage the amount of information that is displayed on the screen. The lowest resolution setting can be at 640 x 480. Under this setting, less number of items will be displayed and they will appear larger on screen. The highest is 1900 x 1080; more items will be displayed on screen with smaller image. There different resolution modes that vary on the basis of the video card device, monitor driver and video driver. Windows 10 automatically set the screen resolution on the basis of your computer screen. But if you want you can change the settings manually. Here are the steps that can help you change the resolution:

  1. Open the settings tab from start or alternatively, you can right click on the desktop and click display settings
  2. On the right hand side of the screen you would see variety of options displayed. Under this, look for Display, which is usually the top option.
  3. Your computer would be default set at “1”
  4. In order to change the settings, click on Advanced Display settings
  5. Under Resolution drop down menu, select the resolution option you would want to select, usually you would see the resolution already selected as per your monitor. You can change as per your needs.
  6. Once finished, you would be prompted, if you wish to keep the settings, click yes
  7. Now go to display adapter properties under related settings on the same window
  8. On the Display adapter settings, click on list modes

Things to Remember:

  • If there are more than one user using computer, the changes would reflect for everyone
  • It is always suggested that you keep your system set at recommended settings because it is set on the basis of your monitor. But your monitor can support resolutions lower or higher than their native resolutions, however, the text or images would be not be as clear as it should be
  • If you are kind of user who likes to work on multi-windows at the same time, then you would need a minimum resolution of 1024×768 to have all windows displayed.
  • Once you changed the resolution, you would have 15 seconds to decide whether or not you would like to keep the changes. If not responded timely, the display would revert back to its original resolution.

Resolution of the screen should only be changed if you are facing troubles with the display. If it’s just something that you would want to change for the sake of changing, then you should completely avoid it.

In case if you are not too familiar with your computer or if the problem persists, then contact remote support or call our toll free number.

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