How to Fix the Startup Error That Appears While Using the RegCure Pro

RegCure is one of the most efficient tools to scan and clean the registry. It allows your computer to work properly.

RegCure is able to resolve the issues related to the invalid or wrong entry in the Windows Registry. But some errors can become a struggle for RegCure and you too.

Hence, when you find an application creating issues during the startup, follow these steps to disable them. You can restart them again too.

  1. Disable the program which is creating the error

You need to use the RegCure Pro Startup Manager function to disable the programs creating trouble during the startup.

  • Go to the main screen.
  • Go to the tab called ‘Tools’.
  • Find the ‘Startup Manager’ and click on it.
  • Click on the check mark to disable the program.


  1. Enable the program again
  • Just like earlier, you can click on the ‘Tools’ tab after reaching the main screen.
  • Pick the ‘Startup Manager’.
  • Click on the boxes with no check marks to enable the programs.

Hopefully, this will help you resolve the issue. However, you can call the remote support for better assistance. Our toll-free number is always available with theright technicians.

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