Here are some solutions to your Booting failure problems

It is difficult today to live without your computer. Whether you are a professional, a businessman, a student or a housewife, your life is incomplete without a computer. Though there are smartphones available today that can be used as an alternative, but a computer is a computer. There are many things that you can efficiently and easily complete on your PC than on your mobile phones. You are more habitual of writing and working on your computer than on your phone or tablet, for simple reason, ergonomically computers are better to use and work.

Imagine you just sat on your computer to start your day and the moment you switch it on you see “Disk Boot Failure”. There could be various reasons for this error message:

  • Incorrect order of boot devices it the most common reason for the occurrence of this error. Usually when BIOS loads, it tries to find bootable device in the similar order it has been set. Any changes would disrupt the booting order.
  • With time, even the cables condition deteriorates. There are all possibilities that your hard drive data cables get faulty if it has been used for long number of years. This can periodically cause read/write error that can affect the loading process
  • If none of the above points are responsible for the error message, then in all probabilities the hard disk of your computer might have crashed due to either virus attacks or power outages. Therefore, your drives should be regularly cleaned and scanned for viruses.

You have two choices; you can either call professional for help if you are not comfortable repairing it on your own or you can follow these simple steps if you have some knowledge about your computer:

  • Restart your computer
  • Now go to BIOS setup page the moment it starts to load. In order to get to the BIOS setup page, you can press Function keys on your keypad: F2, F10, F8, F12, ESC or DEL
  • Now go to the Boot tab
  • You would see the boot device order. Now change the order of boot device and change the hard drive position to first position.
  • Now save the settings and restart your computer again.

If you have installed a new hardware recently, you can get Boot error while loading. Therefore, you should remove the hardware and restart your computer to see if the problem persists.

In case if your Hard disk has failed, use the automated repair process that will report of any issues related to hard disk failure. Follow the instructions below:-

  • Download the easy recovery essentials process
  • Now follow the step by step instructions for burning the ISO image.
  • Open easy recovery essentials
  • Select automated repair
  • Click “continue” and wait for the process to finish its repair. After it is finished, it will notify you of any errors on your disk.

These are some solutions that you can try. In case if the problem doesn’t fix up, contact remote support or call our toll free number.

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