How Should You Opt For Resetting Your Device

Resetting your ZenPhone could be a biggest hassle. So, to clear that hassle, here goes a full guide on how you should go for resetting your device.

Step 1:

Just be on your mobile and take an access to the settings to set up a separate group for the VIP and your favorite ones.

Step 2:

Then you should move on to the new contact option. Here you will see a plus button just tap it and you will one option like contacts to display. Apart from that you will get a segment called set up my profile.

Step 3:

Next, you should simply choose the accounts that you want to include in the contact list. Once you open the contact list, you will get an idea how to match your newly created contacts with any one of the accounts like Google or any other device.

Step 4:

You should enter your name, phone number and all other essential information. Once you have entered simply press the done option and you are all set with the new contact.

Well, if you think that the above said steps work perfectly well for you then try to add the contact yourself. In case if you find any difficulty, just do contact the remote support or simply call the toll free number.


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