Why Does Your Computer Show a White Screen

If you see a white screen on your computer, it can be due to a bad connection between the video cable and an LCD display. The connection failure doesn’t let the picture data reach the screen, which as a result shows a white screen on your computer.

Other reasons

There can be a few other reasons of the white screen problem. Sometimes, the motherboard gets damaged or gets outdated. This mainly happens to the graphics card in the motherboard.

Apart from the motherboard, an outdated or damaged LCD screen can also cause this issue.

The solution

  1. Check the connection

The most common solution is to check the connection between the LCD and the video cable. You can reconnect the cables with the LCD and restart the computer again. Hopefully, it will fix the problem. If not, then, move to the next step.

white screen

  1. Repair or replace the motherboard

If the connection is fine between the video cable and the LCD, then, the problem could be on the motherboard.

You need to ensure that the motherboard has the issue. To do so, you can connect the motherboard to another LCD. If it doesn’t work, then, the problem lies in the motherboard.

Now, you have two options. You can either try fixing the graphic card or change the motherboard.

  1. Repair the screen

If the motherboard works with any other display screen, then, you need to repair the screen of the computer.

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