Reset the admin password in Windows 10 with these steps

You might have files that have confidential information that cannot be shared or viewed by any third person; hence you secure it by password protecting it. One of the most common password problems is the access password that you require to login to your computer, especially when you have recently changed it. So, if you are unable to remember the password and locked out, there are various steps through which you can reset the Administrator password easily:-

  •    Resetting the lost windows password through Reset disk – many users don’t realize the importance of reset disk in Windows 10 say most of the users are unaware of the feature. But this tool can come very handy in a locked out situation. In order to create the Reset disk, follow these simple steps:-

o    Login to your computer using the login account you want to create a password reset disk for

o    Now Insert a USB drive or SD card into the computer

o    In the search box type Password Reset and then click “Create a password reset disk”

o    select the location where you want to create password key disk

o    Click next

In a lockout situation

o    Go to to the login screen of your windows

o    Enter the incorrect password and you would be prompted to rest the password

o   Now enter the USB flash drive that has password reset disk and click the link

o    Follow the instruction as provided in the wizard

Note: It is highly recommend that you make a password reset disk when you create a password for your computer initially. Also, this method would only work if you have a local admin account. In case if you have not created the password reset disk earlier, then move to solution 2

  •    Reset the password with Recovery tool – In all probabilities, you would not have the reset disk created as most of us forget to create it. So should be sitting around and wait for the help to come or you are more keen to use the recovery tool to reset the password and move on with your work:-

o    This can only be done if you have a second computer around you

o    Take a USB or DVD or CD

o    Login to the browser and search for  iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery program

o    Download the program

o    Once the program is downloaded, run it

o    You would get two options: Create password reset:CD/DVD and Create password reset: USB

o    Depending on the external source, select the option and click on burn

o    Once burned, you would see a successful message

o    Now use the same USB and plug it in your computer

o    Restart your computer and press F12 to get to BIOS settings

o    Then choose the booting option from USB. You need to choose the booting order to USB drive to run the iSeePassword Windows Password recovery. Once done, restart the computer and this time the recovery tool will open directly

o    The program would detect all the passwords assigned to the computer and you get an option to reset.

o    Click rest and enter the new password

o    Click reboot

This would help 90% of the times, but if the problem doesn’t fix up, contact remote support or call our toll free number


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