How To Resolve Network Licensing Errors During Software Start Up

One of the frequent issues that you face every day is called network licensing errors which generally shows up while software startup. But as you might be a little less in technical consideration, you might have overlooked the issue.

However, in the actuality, you should not.

Here goes a list of handy solutions that you can try for any versions of the Autodesk software. Apart from that, you need to find the additional cause of the problem as well.

  • You will see that a problem arises with the network licensing error that generally points towards the license manager.
  • Often times you will see that errors happen, especially when there is a change or addition or removal of the license server. You need to confirm that your software is pointing to the exact license manager. Additionally, you need to fix up the environment option on the workstation of the client to monitor the AutoCAD software location.
  • Once you are done just validate that there is a common interaction between the license manager and the client. That means both can ping each other. Well, you have to confirm that this process should work perfectly otherwise you need to fix the network problem. Still, if you fail to solve the problem, simply call up the network administrator or contact the IT professional.
  • Now it might happen that the Autodesk is unable to showcase any error code or is unable to put up with any elaborate descriptions, for that you need to go through the instructions given for this kind of problem. Additionally, you can ask for further technical help. In that case, you should have the ample of information like getting the screen shot of the error occurred. Next, you should acquire the license file, debug log file, options file that has been in use with the license manager.

Well, if you think that it is a not cup of tea for you to solve, just don’t be in two minds. Simply contact the remote support and get it fixed.

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