Few steps to change the display settings on your computer

Not many of us realize, but the screen resolution plays a great role in the screen display. We usually think, the bigger, the better. But that is not the case. You need to keep the resolution of your computer screen to a level so that you can easily view everything clearly. But sometimes, the resolution of the screen is automatically changed to some new software downloaded or virus or you have upgraded to new operating system. The latter has many roles to play in disrupted screen resolution.

Imagine you just upgraded to new OS thinking that the world would be better then and incidentally the things are absolutely the opposite. You realize that the resolution of the screen is not the same as it used to be. You find the object either too small or too big. Nothing fits on the screen perfectly. The problem is not with your movie or a game; the problem is with the resolution of the computer screen. You can easily fix this problem by following few simple steps:-

  • First things first, if you are playing a game or watching a movie, try the full-screen mode to see if the things are back to normal. If not, then you might have to change the settings manually.

  • To manually change the settings, either right-click on the desktop and click “Display Settings” or directly go to settings screen via start. With Windows 10, you also get a Cortana feature through which you can speak, and the computer would display as instructed.
  • The moment you land on the settings page, you would see the display option already showing since it is on the top of the list.
  • On the right-hand side of the screen, you would see “Customize your display.”
  • Under customized display, you would see that the size of the text, apps, and items is already selected to 100% (Recommended). You might not be able to change the settings in this.
  • Move to Advanced settings
  • Under Advanced Display settings, you would see a “Resolution” tab that is selected to the default recommended settings. If you see any changes there, select the recommended settings from the drop down menu.
  • Once the changes made, you can exit out of the settings screen
  • You may be asked to restart your computer to apply the changes. Hence, you should always restart the computer.

Once you are back on the screen again, try to play the game or watch the movie and see if the issue is resolved and you can now view everything normally. If you still face problems, then try to update the video drivers. You can view when was the last time your drivers were updated by following these options:-

  • Go to control panel
  • Go to device manager and click on “Display adapters.”
  • It will display the entire adapters name, and by right clicking them you can see when the last time it was updated. If not updated recently, then click update driver and it will automatically update them.

Check again, if you still feel the problem is not resolved, contact remote support or call our toll free number for professional help.

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