What to Do When You See A White Screen After Booting Up Your PC

Sometimes, the computer boots the Windows and start showing a white screen after that. To resolve this problem, you need to carefully understand following methods.

  1. Try booting with the Safe mode

It would be a wise idea to boot the computer in safe mode. If you see that the problem doesn’t appear in the safe mode booting, then, perform the clean boot. This would probably resolve the issue. If not, then, move to the next option.

  1. Scan via System File Checker

The System File Checker can help you scan the computer and find all the missing or corrupted files. The corrupted files sometimes cause the white screen issue problem.

  1. Scan for the viruses

Viruses, spyware, and other software can cause the white screen problem during the startup. Hence, it is important that you scan them out and uninstall the corrupted applications.

When you delete the corrupted data, it results in data loss, so you should be prepared for that. For better assistance, you should call the remote support and ask questions to the professionals.

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