How To Complete The Setup Of Your Laptop Or PC

The new PC and Laptop come with better speed and storage space than the old ones. But to get all the advantage, you need to set up your PC effectively and transfer all your necessary files, documents, photos and other files from old to the new one.

Here, in this article, we have combined a complete step-by-step guide to set up your new system.

  1. Turn on the Power

The new PC with the Windows 10 offer a different look and elements than the Windows 7. So, you need to complete a few setup processes. The selection of your region and language is required. Also, agree to the license terms and select a name for your PC as well.

  1. Get rid of the bloatware

Bloatware or the inbuilt software that come with your PC take a lot of disk space. You might want to remove a few of them, which are not required.

To do so, you can click on the Windows and look for the cog icon. The cog icon will take you to multiple options, from which, you need to pick the System option to reach the “Apps”. Inside Apps, you can find the list of all the apps. Here you need to analyze and decide which ones are not useful for you.

Now, when you have selected the useless programs, it is time to go to the Control Panel and uninstall all of the selected ones.

  1. Get the new apps

To get better performance on your new PC, you need the latest versions of applications. Hence, it would be better to find the available packages online and install them on your PC or laptop. The new updates are very useful, but it is also important to make sure that only the necessary ones get a place on your PC.


  1. Add necessary programs

Necessary programs such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop are required. You can install the same expensive software on your new PC that you have been using on your old one. However, it is to be noted that you can’t use the same license on both the PCs.

Most software should be compatible with the new PC and you can install them using the license key. But if you have lost your license key, then, you can go to the manufacturer’s site to extract the key again.

  1. Change the default settings

Windows 10 come with a few default settings regarding the use of apps for music, videos and photos and other files. However, you can change these default settings.

To do so, you need to go to the Control Panel and find the Programs option. Inside the Programs, you can select the “Set Your Default Programs” option to select the programs as default.

  1. Transfer Your Files

You can use the Windows Easy Transfer and get all the files from the old PC to the new one via an external drive or network.

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