What To Do When Printer Starts Printing Wrong Colors

You have recently changed the cartridges and they are nearly full. Still, you are not getting the right colors in your print.

If you are facing the issue of wrong colors in your prints, here is a complete guide to finding the real problem.

  1. Check if the cartridges are fine

If your printer has been printing fine before the cartridge change, then, the cartridges can be the cause of the issue. You need to check whether the cartridges are fine or damaged. Damaged cartridges can stop the colors to reach the pages.

  1. Ensure the correct installation

If the cartridges look fine, then, its installation needs to be checked. The wrong installation could be the reason why you are facing this problem. Try to install it again carefully and ensure that it fits well. This should resolve the problem of wrong colors. If not, then, move to the next evaluation.


  1. Conduct a nozzle check

A clogged print head can stop the colors. However, most of the inkjet printers come with a tool through which one can easily diagnose and resolve the problem.

So, if you haven’t been using your printer for a while, clean the nozzles to get the right colors in your prints.

Finally, this should resolve the problem with the printers. If you are still unable to get the right colors, call us on our toll-free number for immediate remote support. Our technicians are always there to help you out.


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