What You Can Do To Avoid Gmail Scams

The increasing threats of phishing scams have grown the concern of Gmail users. To make the Gmail safer, here we have a few tips for you to avoid such scams.

  1. Check the email address of the sender

A strange email address is the first sign that there is a scam on the other side. It is always better to stay away from these messages and report about them.

  1. Analyze the web address

If the message and email address seem fine and you decide to click on the link given, analyze the web address. If the URL is something like data:text/html…, then, it is probably a scam.

  1. Enable two-factor authentication

The two-factor authentication on your Gmail account enhances your security level. With this, even if you get into a trap of scam, the hackers can’t log into your account. Even when they have your email and password.

  1. Don’t share personal information

It is very important that you avoid sharing your personal details on your Gmail account. Especially, when a suspicious email is asking for your personal details. Look at the site’s legitimacy and report if you find any issues.

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