How Can You Upload a GIF On Facebook

Many times, you want to go further than a smiley or a sticker. And that is when the GIF or the animated images help out. The GIF is an image that shows an image in motion. You can call it a very small fraction of a video that plays on a loop. However, the size of the GIFs is far lesser than the video files. This is why they become very easy to upload.

Here, in this article, we are providing you the step-by-step method to upload a GIF on Facebook.

  1. Get a GIF

First of all, you will need a GIF. You can either create it on your own or find one online. There are many sites such as Tumblr, Giphy and others offering GIFs.

  1. Copy the URL

Now, when you have found the GIF, open it. Then, make a right click on the image and select the option “Copy Image URL” on Google.

If you are using Firefox, this option spells like “Copy Image Location”. And in the Opera, the option is “Copy Image Address”. Also, you can easily understand the URL copying option on other browsers as well.

  1. Post on Facebook

Now, you can open your Facebook account on a new tab in the browser. After logging in, you can paste the URL link of the GIF in the section called “What’s on your mind?”

  1. Wait for it

In a few seconds, you will be able to see the GIF below the URL. Now, you can keep the URL or delete it according to your preference.

5 Click Post

Finally, you can click on the “Post” option and let the GIF be visible to your friends.

So, that’s all you need to do to complete the task. However, if you find any sort of trouble, contact remote support via our toll-free number.

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