How to Get Rid of The Spam

The spam in your inbox are not just increasing numbers, but they also present virus or other threats to your device.

Here we have a complete spam protection guide for you. By following the steps, you can stop spam for good.

  1. Finding spam
  • Look at the email address of the sender. If the sender has an odd address, then, this could be a spam.
  • Don’t click any links on these sorts of emails. Just hover over them to see where the destination of the link is.
  • If the email contains a lot of misspellings and strange punctuations then, it could be a spam.
  • Also, read the message. If the message has a big prize money, or any other hard to believe offer, then, it’s a spam.
  • Never download the attachments of these emails.
  1. Stopping spam
  • Don’t give your email address to the websites where the addresses are made public.
  • You can use the image picture or JavaScript to share your email address, without making it traceable.
  • Pick a different username from the email address.
  • Create an alternate account. This way you can keep your main account free from spam.
  • Whenever you suspect a spam, report and delete it immediately. No need to reply at all.


  1. Reporting and blocking

In Gmail

  • Gmail automatically detects the spam and place it into another folder.
  • But, if you see a Spam in your inbox, go to the “Toolbar” and select the “Report Spam” option.
  • Also, you can check messages on your Spam folder and select the “Not spam” option if it is legitimate.

In Yahoo! Mail

  • If there is a spam message in your inbox, you can click on the “Spam” button. It is available in the upper toolbar.
  • You can also block the senders and domains to stop spam.

In Outlook

  • Go to the Home tab.
  • Click on the “Junk”.
  • Pick the “Junk e-mail Options”.
  • Then, in the options tab, you can improve the strength of the filter, according to your needs.

Also, there are multiple anti-spam organizations where you can report spam.

If you want further information or assistance in the troubles related to spam, feel free to contact our technicians via our toll-free number.



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