What Is the Process of Setting Up and Using Email On iPhone 4?

Here, we have a complete email setup guide for iPhone 4 users. However, the procedure is also the same for the other iOS 7 devices.

Let’s begin.

  1. Add all the accounts

First thing first, you need to add the accounts. To do so, you can follow these steps:

  • Go to the home screen and open Settings via tapping on the Settings icon.
  • On the Settings page, you need to scroll down and select the “Mail, Contacts, Calendar” option.
  • Then, select the “Add Account” option.
  • Now, according to your email address provider, you need to pick one email service. The options you have here are: iCloud, Exchange, Google, Yahoo!, AOL, Outlook.com and also other for any other email address.
  • After tapping on the right option, you will have to enter your email address along with the password.
  • Also, for some options, you also need to verify your account by entering the code sent via email.
  • Now, you can sync your iPhone apps with the mail account by sliding the switch on the right side of “Mail”.
  • Finally, select “Save” to complete the process.
  1. Seeing your emails and using other features

To see your emails, you can simply follow these steps:

  • You can click on the envelope icon available on the Home screen to open the mail.
  • If there is more than one account, then, you have to select the Inbox option beneath the account’s name.
  • You are now in the Inbox. Here you can check all your emails.
  • To adjust the zoom, you can tap the screen with two fingers and slide them in the opposite direction.
  • To add email sender to your contact list, you can select the name or the email address and then, go to the “Create New Contact” to add that name.
  • To send a reply, you can select the left-facing arrow at the bottom of the email. Type your message and click on send.


  1. Writing an email and sending it to someone
  • At the bottom right side of the screen, you can find the “Compose” icon. Click on it.
  • In the appeared screen, you can write the name or email address of the recipient in the “To” section. Also, you can browse the name from your contact list by clicking on the “+” sign.
  • To send copies or blind copies to others, you can add their email addresses in the Cc or Bcc sections.
  • Below Cc and Bcc, you can find the “Subject” section and enter the subject of the mail there.
  • Now, you can type your message and click on “Send”.
  1. Solving mail issues

If there is some issue with your mail, you can do following things:

  • Make sure that the internet connection is working.
  • Go to the Settings and select the “Mail, contacts and calendars”. Here you can troubleshoot your account again.

If you are still not able to resolve the mail issues, you can call our remote support on the toll-free number.


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