How to Remove A Facebook Virus

To keep your Facebook account secured from the Facebook viruses, we have some useful tips for you.

  1. Change your password

Changing your password is the most effective method to keep your Facebook account secured from virus attack. Especially, when you think that someone has been hacking your account.

  1. Don’t forget to log out

Logging out is very important, especially when you have logged in via a phone. If you don’t log out properly, one can easily enter your email address and access your account. Hence, it would be better to wait until you see the confirmation of the log out.

  1. Clean your browsing data

To completely get rid of the virus issue, you can try deleting your internet cache, history, temporary internet files and other folders. Delete as much as you can, even if it takes a few hours.

  1. Install virus protection

There are many suitable virus protection. Download one of them and keep scanning your device regularly. These applications can easily detect the unsafe files in your internet.

Finally, you can change the password of your account again. This should resolve the problem. If not, you need to call the remote support and let them handle the work for you.

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