What Are The Required Steps To Stop Google Ads

For the help of the users, Google has provided a new tool that allows you to complete block all the internet ads. Here is how you can leverage this tool.

  1. Download the plugin for targeted blockage

To download the plugin for the Chrome, Firefox or IE, you need to go to the ads setting page of the Google. This will completely block the targeted ads in the particular browser. However, you will have to download extensions separately for the Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox. And there is no extension for any other browser.

  1. Block ads on Google

To block the ads completely on Google, you need to visit the new setting page for ads. If you are asked to sign in, complete the task.

After signing in, you can add topics you are interested in. Also, you can select the gender and age-based options as well. However, if you want to block certain ads, just move the button ON of the option called “Ads based on your interests”. Then, select the “Control signed-out ads” button to turn off targeted ads in the Google search results.

Finally, it should resolve the issue. However, if you have questions in mind, feel free to call us on our toll-free number.


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