What To Do When You Want To Delete Your  Facebook  Account Permanently

So, you have decided to delete your account permanently. Then, it would be a good idea to save the valuable data and files first, and then, you can easily delete the account.

Here we have all the necessary steps for you to save the data and delete the Facebook account.

  1. To delete the account permanently

First of all, log in to your Facebook account. If you have forgotten the password, then, click on the “can’t log in?” option for help.

If you want to save the data such as contacts and files, then, you need to go to the Settings menu. In order to go there, you need to click on the downward triangle at the top right-hand side of the page. Inside that, you will find the “Settings” option. Click on it to see the settings menu.

In the Settings menu, you need to find the link called “Download a copy of your Facebook data”. The Facebook will ask you for some verification. Follow the process and you will successfully start the downloading process.

To immediately delete Facebook history you can go to the privacy button and find the Activity log. There you need to click on the “See more settings” option. In the “see more settings”, you need to select the “Use activity log” link, which will let you delete the history via the pencil icon.

To permanently delete the account you have to make hard efforts. The option is not available in your account. Hence, you need to go to the link Facebook.com/help through a search engine and delete your account. When you reach the link, you can select the option “Delete my account” and start the deletion process of your account.

Finally, you can enter the password of your account and fill the CAPTCHA image and press “Okay” to complete the process.

Important note: When you delete your account, the timeline disappears immediately. But for permanent deletion, you have to wait for 14 days without logging in. If you log in within the 14 days the data can be restored again. This is to help people who start having second thoughts after deleting their account. Also, the personal messages will still be visible to the recipients, but they won’t be able to see your account.

  1. To deactivate account temporarily

Deactivation is the temporary solution if you want to start using your account again in the future. Hence, to deactivate your account:

  • Click on the downward triangle on the upper right-hand side of your account’s page.
  • Find the “Settings” in the presented menu.
  • Inside security, look for the Security icon.
  • Select the “Deactivate your account” option.
  • Here, you have to fill a form explaining the reasons for deactivation and click on the “confirm” button.

So, now you have a complete guide to deactivate or permanently delete your Facebook account. If you have any questions or want assistance, call us on our toll-free number.


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