For some people, getting notifications for live videos on Facebook can be pretty annoying. However, most think that they can’t really do anything about that. But guess what, you can get rid of those notifications and enjoy your social networking without any irritating interruption.

Here, we have a simple method to easily turn off the live notifications that come to your Facebook account.

  1. Log in

First of all, you need to log into your account via the device you are using. Open your PC, Mac or laptop and go to Facebook’s login page. There you can fill in your email and password to reach the Facebook desktop.

  1. Find the notifications

Now, you need to go to the section where notifications are stored. It is a Globe icon on the upper blue bar on your Facebook account page. Click on that Globe icon to find the notifications’ list.


  1. Reach Settings

Inside the Globe icon, you will find a link for the “Settings”. This link has all the settings related to the notifications that you see on your Facebook. Hence, to make changes in the settings of live video notifications, you have to go inside this link.

  1. Make changes in the live video settings

Inside the Settings, you will find a new screen with multiple options. At the bottom of the list, you will find an icon that is for “live Videos”. In this icon, you can make all the desired changes related to the live video notifications. The choice here allows you to get notifications only when interesting live videos happen.

  1. Select the option according to your needs

On the right-hand side of the option related to live videos, you will see three options to choose from.

  • On
  • All Off
  • Suggestions off

The default option here is “On”. So, now you can select any of the other two. If you want to get rid of all the live video notifications, select “All off”, else, go for the “Suggestions off”.

Finally, you can also click on an individual live notification and select the option called “Turn off notifications about live videos from ….” This way, you can handle the notifications individually.

If you find any trouble in making settings related to live videos, you can call us on our toll-free number. Our remote support is always ready to serve you.



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