Many people complain that the certain keys stop working when they press the function keys. To resolve this, we have provided some useful information here. 

The reason

It is important to know that this problem usually arises only due to some software deficiency. This means that some drivers are not there on your laptop. Or, the drivers are not working properly. Hence, there is no need to panic or think that the problem is with the hardware.

The Solution

Now, when you know the reason, it will become easier to resolve the problem. To get the keys functioning again, you need to install an application. That application is called “QuickSet”. This application is provided by the Dell. In order to find the applications, you need to go to the driver support website of the Dell.

function keys

Once you find the application, install. Hopefully, this will resolve the problem. However, if there is any trouble in completing the task, you should call our remote support. Our technicians will analyze the problems and provide excellent remote support.

We have our toll-free number available right here. So, you can give us a call whenever you need our assistance.

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