If you are having trouble using your mouse on your PC, then, we have the solution. Here, we have all the possible reasons that can cause the problem. You just need to go through it and check your PC.

  1. The USB issue

In some motherboards, there are two different kinds of USB groups are provided. While one is controlled by the base Intel chipset, the other gets controlled by the specific motherboard chipset. Hence, you should try connecting your mouse to your PC via another USB slot as well.

  1. Check the mouse

You can also try checking the mouse on other computers. If the mouse doesn’t work, then, the problem is with the mouse. On the contrary, if it does work, then, you need to take care of the mouse driver on your computer.

  1. Remove the old driver

If the USB slot doesn’t solve the problem, it means that your driver is not working anymore. Hence, you are required to remove it. You can go to the Microsoft support website to check which drivers are the old enough to get removed. So, if you find that the driver has gotten old and require updating, then, remove the older version.


  1. Re-install the mouse driver

After removing the older driver, you can go to the manufacturer’s site again and download the upgraded version of the mouse driver.

This should resolve the problem. But if you find any trouble in upgrading the driver or fixing the mouse problem, call our remote support. We have the best technicians ready to help you with all the computer problems. All you need to do is dial our toll-free number.


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