When you are focused on your work and suddenly the laptop shuts down. Nothing feels more irritating than that right! But it is not just irritating for you, the laptop is having troubles as well. And to resolve the problem, you need to first find the cause of the problem.

Here, we have accumulated some of the most common reasons why a laptop can shut down suddenly. Find out, which one is causing the trouble in your laptop.

  1. Is it overheating?

Overheating is the most common cause of this problem. When you constantly work on your laptop for hours or play games, it doesn’t allow the cooling fans to do the job properly. As a result, the computer shuts down to release the heat. In fact, many models come with this feature that allows them to save the electronic circuits.

To solve the problem, you can clean the fans every once in a while. The fans accumulate the dust and dirt, which harms its performance. Clean them, and you will get better functionality. However, it is still important to provide breaks to the laptop, so that, it can control the heat.

  1. Do you have a wrong charger voltage?

When you use the laptop for powerful tasks such as gaming, it requires a stronger power source. If not provided with the required power source, the laptop can shut down. Hence, the availability of the right voltage capacity is a must to enjoy the performance.


  1. Is the hardware failure causing the issue?

The hardware failure is another reason why the laptop shuts down sometimes. So, a recently added hardware can be the cause of the issue.

You need to check multiple hardware such as the RAM, motherboard, power supply, video card, CPU, and others. Having a professional by your side will be better if you don’t have much understanding of the technicalities.

  1. Is there a virus in your laptop?

Sometimes, a virus can also cause the issue of sudden laptop shutting down. The best way to recover from the virus is to run an antivirus program to find and remove the viruses from your computer.

  1. Are the drivers working fine?

The crashed drivers have the capacity to completely shut your laptop. To find the crashed files, you need to check out the crash posts. The dump files available on the top of the crash posts provide all the information about the crashed drivers.

Finally, you can call on our toll-free number for immediate support. Our technicians will help you easily find and resolve all the problems.


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