If the laptop takes too long to shut down, then, it means that it has a lot of junk. This happens when you start neglecting and useless files start getting assemble in the drive.

Here we have a few basic procedures that you can follow and recover from the shutdown problem.

  1. Clean the drive and registry

There are multiple cleaning tools for the registry and the hard drive. If you don’t have one, download and clean up. Cleaning the drive will allow the laptop to get a release from the junk files. Ultimately, the shutting down process will start taking lesser time.

  1. Defragging of the drive

Defragging the drive allows the laptop to get rid of the fragmented files. To complete the task, you can get any of the free tools and conduct the sessions. Make sure that you reboot the laptop after each and every session. This will allow the tool to find all of the fragmented files.

  1. Get rid of the viruses and malware

The free antivirus programs and the malware removing tools are available. These become highly beneficial in removing the virus from the laptop, which can be the reason of the trouble you are having.

  1. Use System Restore

The System Restore is a built-in program that provides help in this situation. You can try using the System Restore and get to the healthy condition again.

  1. Re-install Windows

If nothing works, then, you are left with one option. And that is to re-install the Windows. But before you start the installation, make sure you create a backup of all the important files on the laptop.

Hopefully, these tips will help in bringing the laptop to its finest state again. However, if you have trouble in any step, our remote support is ready to assist. You can call us on our toll-free number and receive the help from the best of the best technicians in the industry.

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