The command prompt is provided in the Windows 10 just like the previous other versions of the Windows. However, to leverage them properly, you need a perfect guide. And that is what we are giving you here.

Though the appearance hasn’t changed over the years, the command prompt has surely grown in terms of features. So, let’s talk about those features and their functionality.

  1. Go to the Shortcut menu

In the upper left hand side of the window, you can see the command prompt icon. You can click right on this icon to go to the shortcut menu. This menu has a few more new elements than the shortcut menu of the Windows 8.

  1. Explore the Experimental tab

The experimental tab is where all the new features are available. To reach the Experimental tab, you need to reach to the Command Prompt properties via shortcut menu.

Inside the Experimental tab, you get the chance to enable or disable multiple console properties. However, these properties stay enabled by default. Only the trim Leading Zeros stays disabled.

  1. Use the advance copy paste feature

The features in the Experimental tab make the new Command Prompt much better than the older ones. The problem with Windows 8 was that you couldn’t select the text by dragging the mouse. In the Windows 8, you need to open the Command Prompt icon and create a box that selects only the half of the sentence.

On the other hand, the new version in the Windows 10 allows you to select the whole text effectively.

  1. The text doesn’t hide

Resizing the window was a pain in the Windows 8. The text hides from the view, which makes editing difficult. On the contrary, this is not at all an issue in the Windows 10.

So, these are the features that you can leverage for your advantage while using the new Command Prompt. If you have more questions, feel free to call on our toll-free number. We provide remote support in all sorts of technical matters related to your computer.

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