You want to connect your phone to the laptop and transfer some files. However, the problem is that the laptop is not detecting the phone. Even though the phone shows that charging sign, you are not able to transfer any files.

If you are going through this problem, we have some useful tips for you here.

  1. Try a different USB port

The first thing you can do is connect the phone via a different USB port on the same laptop. Many times, a bad port can cause such problems. If the phone gets detected in any other port that means a particular port is not working properly. However, if no port works, then, you should reinstall the UBS drivers. The new drivers will resolve the problem in some cases.

  1. Restart your computer

You can also try restarting your computer again. When a laptop stays ON for a long time, its functionality gets damaged. Especially, if the laptop is old. Hence, it is better to restart and see whether the phone gets detected or not. If the problem is still there, then, you need to try the next tip.

  1. Test the USB cable

The USB cable can also be the cause of the problem. Hence, you need to test whether it is working properly or not. To do so, you can try connecting your phone to a different computer. If it connects, then, the USB cable is working fine.

  1. Connect in the Safe mode

You need to try booting the computer in safe mode and then connect. This should help in connecting the phone.

Hopefully, these tips will help you connect your phone to the computer. However, if you are still having trouble in completing the task, we can help. You can dial our toll-free number and get in touch with the remote support that we provide. Our technicians will resolve the problem for you quickly.


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