Facebook graph search is another amazing feature that allows you to use Facebook to use as a search engine. By using the graph search, you can find multiple information about your friends such as people, photos, places and many other things.

Here, we have a complete guide for you to access and start using the Facebook Graph Search.

  1. Get the access

To get the access to the Facebook graph search, you need to join the waiting list and wait till you get the access. After a while, Facebook will inform you about the access authority in the graph search.

After getting the access, you can move to use the amazing features that come along with it.

  1. Start using the features

As you get the access to the graph search, the Facebook menu changes to the latest version. Under the new menu, you will find multiple new and amazing features such as:

  • My friends who live in my city
  • My friends who like Facebook
  • Photos I have liked
  • Games my friends play

And much more!

All the new features enhance the experience of Facebook for you and allow you to use the search faster. Also, it helps in searching people, photos, and other stuff altogether.

So, now you know how to access and use the Facebook Graph Search. Use the provided tips to achieve the improved experience. However, if you find yourself in trouble, call our remote support. Our toll-free number will connect you with the best technicians who will help you out resolving the problem.

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