Maybe you are planning a party or want to market your new product among your friends. In every case, you need to collect the email addresses of the friends in your Facebook account. But collecting each email ID one by one doesn’t seem very logical.

Don’t worry! You can collect all the email addresses at once without wasting a lot of time. Here we have provided a few simple steps to export a file having all the email addresses of your Facebook friends.

Here is the answer to how to export email addresses from Facebook.

  1. Sign in to Facebook via Yahoo
  • First of all, you need to go to the
  • There you can sign in with Facebook in order to reach the new Yahoo mail that has the Facebook address book.
  1. Import the email addresses

After reaching the Facebook address book, you need to click on the Facebook icon in order to get all the email ids. This will import all the IDs to the Yahoo contacts.

  1. Download the CSV file

Once all the contacts have been imported to Yahoo, you can download the CSV file:

  • Go to the Yahoo contacts.
  • Reach Tools.
  • And Select “Export”.

In the Export, you will be asked to choose the option of the export version. You need to select the CSV file and click on the “Export now” to get the addresses.

Finally, you will achieve all the addresses of Facebook friends. If you are having trouble completing the process, you can call our toll-free number and let our technicians help you out.


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