The use of BIOS password allows stronger security in your Dell laptop. It doesn’t allow unauthorized users to make any sort of changes in the boot settings.

Here we have provided a few methods for you to reset the BOIS password in Dell laptop.

  1. Using the default password

The manufacturer creates some default passwords for the customers. With these passwords, one can open the BIOS, in case he or she has forgotten the password. The default password offered by Dell is “Dell”. You can this password to reset the settings.

  1. Shorting the jumper

Shorting the BIOS or CMOS jumper can help you reset the BIOS password. If you bring the BIOS jumper to 10 seconds, it will break the password and reset as well.

To complete the task:

  • You need to search near the CMOS battery or beside the BIOS chip.
  • Open the case of your laptop and find the jumper.
  • Re-attach the metal cover from 1-2 to 2-3 for 10 seconds. Then, move back to the 1-2 metal cover.
  • Now, assemble the laptop again and start loading the default settings.

If you still find the password, then, try the next method.

  1. Removing the CMOS battery

The job of the CMOS battery is to provide the necessary power to the BIOS chip. This power helps the chip to save all the settings. So, if you unplug or remove the battery for around 10 seconds, it will reset all the BIOS settings.

To complete the task:

  • Remove all the power supply from your computer.
  • Open the case of your laptop from the back.
  • Remove the CMOS battery.
  • Use a metal wire to short the CMOS battery to ensure that there is no power supply.
  • Finally, you can reinstall the CMOS battery and switch on the power to see if the BIOS password has been reset or not.

If you are still not able to resolve the problem on your own, call our remote support. We have qualified technicians for you to fix the BIOS password issue completely.


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